Catering with a Cause!

Volunteer Appreciation Brunch

Valuable is the work you do...
Outstanding in how you always come through
Loyal, sincere, and full of good cheer
Untiring in your efforts throughout the year
Notable are the contributions you make
Trustworthy in every project you take
Eager to reach your every goal
Effective in the way you fulfill your role
Ready with a smile like a shining star
Special and wonderful – that’s what you are!!

The Lodge would like to say thank you to our volunteers one more time. We wouldn’t be the program we are without you.

From all of us at Cafe The Lodge, thank you.

JULY 6th Café the Lodge will have a reception for local artist Eric Schwarz in the Cappucino room, and Artist in Recovery, artists showcased in the main dining room.

Artist In Recovery Exhibit and Local Featured Artists