Kids Open MIC

Every Fourth Saturday 12 to 2pm, 

Greg Annichiarrico will be hosting  a Kids Open MIC, at Café the Lodge! Join us for a special afternoon with focus on the kids.  Great fun for all ages.

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Café the Lodge received a 2014 “Tribute to the Arts Award” from the Bethlehem Fine Arts Commission, recognizing the Lodge’s contributions to the arts. The “Tribute to the Arts Awards” was instituted in 1991 and continues on a yearly basis to honor individuals, organizations, educators, innovators or businesses that are engaged in making, supporting or encouraging artistic endeavors that enrich the community.

Drum Circle

Every 2nd Saturday of the month from 2-3pm, Café the Lodge provides drums and an array of shakers to anyone who wants to join an exciting rhythmic experience. You don't need to be an experienced drummer, just a basic sense of rhythm. The drum circle is facilitated by Joe Sieger. Fee: $3 and $1/members.

Student Showcase

Live Readings From Local
Literary Art Students
Every 2nd Friday of the Month

Jam at The Lodge
Performances by Local
Instrumental and Vocal Students
Every 4th Friday of the Month




Live Music 

Occasionally on Saturday's, we have a local musician  perform during Café hours. 

Friday Night Open Mic. Night

Every 1st and 3rd Friday of each month from 6 to 8:00pm, Café the Lodge welcomes musicians of all walks of life to play and/or sing a few of their favorite songs. Open Mic. Nights are facilitated by our Music Director, Kevin Coomer.

Friday Night Live Music

Every 4th Friday night of each month from 6 to 8pm, Café the Lodge presents a performing artist or band.  This concert is free. These performances are managed and facilitated by our Music Director, Kevin Coomer.





Cafe the Lodge Entertainment Highlights

Catering with a Cause!

The Lodge received the RHD Community Service Award. At the Resources for Human Development 22nd Annual Values Celebration "Making a Impact"! People from 13 states celebrating the accomplishments, hard work and dedication to uplift and educate the communities we serve!